Tales From the Closet

Tales From The Closet!

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“Tales from the Closet” are what happen during the band’s rhythm section rehearsals. The rhythm section rehearsals are typically without the lead vocalist so that we can tighten up our music. Sometimes these videos are of songs we’d like to learn just to keep our “chops” up. Sometimes they are songs we enjoy playing. Sometimes we just enjoy the challenge of something new to learn outside our norm. Sometimes we just talk about gear! No matter what is going on, we thought it’d be fun to share these “behind the scenes” videos as it’s a different dimension of Counting Skeletons not normally seen. Let us know what you think!

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Season 6

E01 Won’t Get Fooled Again

Season 5

E02 Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd

E01 One Vision by Queen

Season 4 (yeah, that covid year 🙁 )

E01 End of the World as We Know it

Season 3

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E04 Tales from the Closet: “Mama Told Me Not to Come” Performed by Counting Skeletons

E03 Tales from the Closet: “Season of the Witch” Performed by Counting Skeletons

E02 Tales from the Closet: “Don’t Fear the Reaper” Performed by Counting Skeletons

E01 Tales from the Closet: “Spooky” Performed by Counting Skeletons

Season 2

E02 Counting Skeletons Perform Sucker’s Prayer by The Decemberists

E01 Counting Skeletons Perform In the Kitchen by Umphrey’s McGee

Season 1

E11 Counting Skeletons Performs Why I Am by Dave Matthews Band

E10 Counting Skeletons Performs Handle With Care

E09 Counting Skeletons Perform Wish I Knew You

E08 Counting Skeletons Perform Snow Falls in June

E07 Counting Skeletons Perform Lips Like Sugar

E06 Counting Skeletons Perform Shine

E05 Counting Skeletons Perform It’s Only Natural

E04 Counting Skeletons Performs When the Water Falls

E03 Counting Skeletons Performs Wreck You

E02 Counting Skeletons does Lemon Parade By Tonic

E01 Mark Talks about His Drum Set